You will be surprised to know that the power to prevent ailments and grow in a balanced manner lies solely with us only. And the best part is that we can do that easily, incrementally, and fairly painlessly. It is important to remember here that making efforts to do this is all about taking small and not giant steps.

From simple and effortless activities such as waking early, sleeping early, having an early morning bath, walking to pick the morning newspaper, spending time at the home garden, commuting to workplace, and household chores – that’s all you do and need to do but with less use of automatic devices and in a natural manner. Remember, wheat grass and heading to the gym are not the only things that are going to make you happy and strong.

If you can do that, you would be really surprised to experience that you unknowingly add endless meaningful changes to your life and capacity to deal with stress. You would enjoy a good sleep and more satisfying and happy in relationships & to and for the society.

Do not forget that good health can come in small tidbits; it is just how you take life, happily or with grudges and blaming destiny.

We hope that these small tips could change your outlook to life and you would stay healthy without trying.